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That one time I burnt the house down

I've been working on this fire pit for a couple of years now, or to be more precise, my friend Jared has been doing the work on my fire pit for a couple of years. Today while I was at the Farmer's Market, he and Mr. Double Up and our friend Nate put the finishing touches on it. Of course, I had to light it up almost as soon as I got home.

There were some challenges. After congratulating myself on what great fire starter the dried leaves made, my fire scooted out between the rocks and set the hillside on fire. I mean, it was only two spots, and I got the hose to put it out, but it was still a bit disconcerting. You can see one of the burn spots on the right.

Then I tripped over the pile of brush the guys had piled up to use in the fire (I am secretly sure they did it on purpose). And, what with the bad knee and general lack of coordination, I took a dive and rolled down the hill. Happily, nothing was bruised other than my ego.

But the point is, I grilled some amazing bratwurst, and then fried some bananas and melted maple marshmallows over them for dessert. I can't wait to do some serious cast iron cooking on this thing (after I tidy up the brush pile, that is).

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