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The Masters

The Union County Master Gardeners came to the farm for a field trip. I was not sure what to expect exactly, but it sounded like fun when Kathy suggested it to me. So at 11:00 today, 18 of the most delightful women I have ever met showed up at my house. I made a salad buffet (smoked turkey salad, egg salad, kale salad, green salad, fruit salad), all from my farm or friends'

farms. Well, except for the fruit, that came from Costco.

Anyway, we walked around the farm, and petted the horses and fed the sheep, and then had lunch, and then went shopping in the farm store. The entire thing was just wonderful, and I think I am going to go to their Heritage Days event. And while I may never be a master gardener myself, at least I can say I have lots of friends who are!!!

And also, they have a cool website with lots of things I want to do....

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