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Here at the Double Up, we don’t shy away from the tough topics. This week we are covering potty business!!

For reasons that aren’t completely clear (but involve pain medication and relentless Facebook advertising), I ordered a bidet toilet seat. For those of you spend most of your time under rocks, this is a gadget that attaches under the toilet seat, and with the press of a button, delivers a cool and cleansing stream of water to ….ermmmmm….the parts that need cleaning after you poop. I ordered the bottom of the line model, because I have to admit, I was skeptical about this whole thing.

But, I am telling you, this thing is fantastic! I am not a clean freak, but I have never felt so clean in my life. I am using a fraction of the toilet paper I previously used (only enough to lightly dab my unmentionables dry after their bath), and the ‘roids are a distant memory. I love this thing so much I am going to order a deluxe model for the downstairs bathroom.

The man of the house is not quite as enthusiastic. His sole experience with the bidet has been to install it, and accidentally spray himself in the face while testing it (oh how I wish I had been able to capture THAT on camera). I think his position is that it is not a manly thing to wash the poo stains off your butt, how else will they transfer to the underwears???

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