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Clean Up On Aisle 3

(for those of you who care: Tobias, Skyler, Ada, and Will)

I really love my sheep - in so many ways. I knew I would, but I never expected them to be so good at clearing brush. I mean, that's what people get goats or tractors for.

But a couple of years ago, I expanded the sheep pasture to include a wooded area which was completely impassable due to an invasive shrub. I had tried cutting it back to no avail. Turns out, the sheep love the stuff, ate every speck of greenery, and now my woods are lovely and shrub free.

So, last year, because I am not very bright, I hired someone to come in and clear the same shrubs from another hillside. It was great, and then 4 months went by and all the crap is back. Today, I put up some temporary fencing and invited the sheep to have at it. Now, the sheep are pretty sure they are starving because most of the pasture is dead (what with it being winter and all), and they choose to believe I have provided them with surprise deliciousness. And they are busy clearing away, and growing some impressive fleeces, I must say.

Oh you wonderful lambs!!! But for future reference, it really requires two functional knees to put up temporary fencing on a hillside.....

Gratuitous picture of my chickens, because it is 65 degrees today and I have my camera!!

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