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The Accidental Gardener

I love planting things and watching them grow. I never consider myself a serious gardener, because I pretty much expect things to grow on their own. I add manure and leaves to my soil, and I keep the dogs from running amok through the plants. But for the most part, you really need to want to grow if you live in my garden (may I say I have an amazing crop of weeds!!! They like it here just fine.)

My native soil here is not great - technically, it is clay and rocks. And I have multiple watering systems, including a pump from my creek and rain water collection barrels. But, I rarely water, I try to plant things that grow well, and as a result, I usually feel successful.

I like to plant things all over. I started off with a nice rectangular "garden", but over the years, it was crept out and about, so now I plant all over the property, kind of where ever the mood strikes me (I like to think it is where ever the plants tell me they want to be, but that makes me sound kind of creepy and crunchy, which is probably a fair assessment).

Anyway, the point of this post was to share some photos of my latest Farm Store product. I only garden because I love it, and so, I really think everyone should be able to do the same thing. I harvest seeds from my favorite crops, and have packaged them. These particular seeds carry extra meaning for me, because they came from my sister Bet. The thought that she is with me because I am perpetuating the seeds she gave me - well, it brings me an extra ration of joy and comfort, and that is always, always a good thing.

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