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That's a real word, right? It was bound to happen - 5 weeks of euphoria, I was due to crash sometime. And as far as crashing goes, so far, this is not too bad. Mostly, I think I am tired and afraid of my upcoming surgery. It does not matter how many times I have had surgery, or how many millions of people have had knee replacement, i am pretty sure I am going to die on the table. Also, even with insurance, my 20% share is a lot of money.

Busy day at the market today, but sales were quite poor. Perhaps I have saturated the wool dryer ball and soap market. I mean, how many times a day can you bathe? Lots of kids in costumes which was cute, and the vendor across from me dressed as a nun. I, of course, dressed in my early America costume what with the spinning wheel and all.

And after all, I did get to spend most of the day spinning.

And for reasons I cannot quite fathom, I made a crib size wool comforter and pillow.

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