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Of hens and such...

It occurred to me today that in the event of an emergency, I would save my chickens before most people. I really love and admire my hens (I tolerate the rooster). Someone asked me today why I had such a big hen house, and why I cleaned it so often. I didn't have an answer, but I figured it out after work today:

I came home tired and cold, and in a good bit of pain from the old knees. I limped out to the hen house, opened the door, and sank gracefully to the floor (well, technically, I may have collapsed). My hen house is bedded in thick, clean chopped forage - it smells good, and it is soft. Even with a days accumulation of chicken poo, it smells fresh, like new hay. There were a couple of hens on the nest, and Ethel came running to get in my lap. The coop was warm, but not too warm, we were out of the wind. Ethel clucked and chortled happily - it was just heaven. THAT is why I have a big, clean hen house - so I can be with my hens and we can all be comfortable!!

Man, I love those hens....

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