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Emergency Preparedness

I grew up in Florida, and as a kid, hurricanes just had no negativity associated with them. It meant everybody got to go to the hurricane shelter, which involved lots of junk food, and basically a giant block party. I lived in a trailer park, so we had to evacuate several times growing up. In retrospect, I guess my parents were probably concerned - but I did not realize until I was an adult that hurricanes meant serious business.

All this to say, with Hurricane Matthew starting to move up the coast, people are starting to freak out. For us, preparation takes on a bit of a different meaning. We usually keep adequate food, gas, and water supplies, so I don't worry much about those things.

Generators in good shape - check

Stock feed to last a few weeks - check

Fencing repair materials - check

Apples harvested from trees - check

Kittens bathed - check (okay, this was totally a gratuitous kitten picture because they are just so darned cute)

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