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Rocking the Elephant Pants

Behind the scenes at the market booth - with a special photo-bomb from my daughter-in-law, Kim. Or as I like to call her, my daughter-in-love (because technically, they have not set a wedding date and are not married YET, no matter how much subtle pressure I keep bringing to bear - keeping my fingers crossed for a Thanksgiving wedding.....)

Last spring I ran across a little clothing item called Elephant Pants. These are big, baggy pants, that come with wonderful graphics of elephants on them. And part of the purchase price goes to support elephant rescue - hard to lose! I love the pants so much it is almost all I wear.

Anyway, today was the Harvest Fair at the Union County Flea Market, and I asked my daughter and daughter-in-law to come and help me. They usually work on Saturdays, but incredibly, they shifted their schedules to come and help me. Kim brought her guitar and amazed everyone with her beautiful voice and playing. And Morgan made it possible for me to get to talk to everyone to my heart's content, while still making sure our customers received help. Also, she showed me a new trick with the credit card program (hard to believe I do IT for a living).

I want them to come every week....

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