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The Other Man (it's John Deere, calm down!!)

Who knew the other man in my life would be green? But I do love my tractor. And oddly enough, it seems to like me.

Sure, I have lost count of the times I have gotten it stuck in the mud, or taken out a section of fence, or gotten into situations I couldn't get out of. But, unlike my horse, it has never thrown me off. And when it gets sick, I can call my husband to come and nurse it back to health (just for the price of some rice pudding!!)

I especially like to mow. I have a riding mower that does a better job, but there is just something about mowing with the tractor - for starters, we have seven acres, so it is faster. But I get on the tractor, and it's not that my mind drifts, but I get calmer and calmer and let go of the stress. I like to mow after work, and put my brain on auto-pilot. And also, I kind of feel like a bad-ass.

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