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It Never Gets Old

We've had chickens for quite a few years now. And there are two things that have never, ever gotten old:

New Layers - when young hens first start to lay, they produce little bitty eggs. I find them adorable, and prefer eating them over any other egg. Some kind of weird pride over their accomplishment, coupled with how dang cute the little things are. The current babies are not supposed to start laying until next month - but at least three of them are ahead of schedule. That's a normal egg, and a new layer in the photo.

Gathering Eggs - I am still like a 4 year-old on Easter morning. I am so excited EVERY SINGLE TIME I go out to collect eggs. (Well, except that one time that there was a big snake in the nest box actually eating my eggs - that was not a very happy time, and I must confess there were drastic and unfortunate reprisals against said snake.)

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