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Whine, Whiner, Whinest

Well yeah, that would be me, doing what I do best!!!

Summertime on the farm is not for the lazy!! Just as I was congratulating myself on managing the garden, and the hens, and the sheep, and the house (and oh yeah, my paying job), the freaking elderberries started ripening.

Now, I love elderberries, and they have been berry berry good to me - but I am just not ready for 2 months of daily picking, cleaning and juicing. Too bad for me.

My biggest whine festival? In chasing down an escaping dog (Ansel - you know I talking about you, right), I seem to have torn my hamstring. Son of a ... Because, I have a really bad left knee, and I tore the right knee. So now, I am gimping around, and when no one is looking, using a walker or a cane. I have asked my husband to put wheels on one of our bar stools so I can wheel around the kitchen and keep working. He suggested I slow down. Who wants to bet on the winner of this fight????

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