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And now for a serious note

Sometimes I lose track of why I am keeping this little place on the interwebs - I keep thinking it is for my fledgling business, and it is. But, it is for me and my family as well. And while I am (to everyone's amazement) usually upbeat and enthusiastic, and focused entirely on food, sometimes, not so much.

My older sister died unexpectedly last week. We had spent many years estranged, and I am eternally grateful that we were brought back together last year, and learned that we had become so very much alike. Didn't start out that way, and we traveled very different roads, but in the end, we were at the same place.

My niece, Candice, is an amazing woman - and if I regret anything, it is that I did not get to see her grow up and spend more time with her. Her husband is wonderful, and her children are a joy to be around. My brother-in-law, Herb is a quiet, funny, sweet man. The down side? I may have to spend more time in Florida in order to get to know them better.

And in one of those quirky twists of fate, this difficult week also brought me back to my younger sister - not estranged, but we had grown apart. I hate that my niece is grieving, but have to believe Bet is grinning and winking at me (and yes - you know in my head I will always call you Betsy, because, that's who you were to me for the first 20 years of my life).

Anyway, I learned that people can truly change, and that you can never go wrong by being kind and considerate and loving. My girls are traveling for the holiday, and I wish they were here so I could hold them close and love on them. Y'all step in and hold your loved ones close for me!!

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