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By any other name

I went outside this evening to weed the garden. I was totally side-tracked by the chickens and realized, finally, after 55 years, what it is I want to do when I grow up: I would like to sit and watch chickens!!

As I have noted, the Evil Hen (who I really should have named Ursula), has adopted two chicks, who are now named Cinder and Ella. Yes - it is the year of Disney!!!

The reds are Attina, Alana, Adella, Arista, and Ariel.

The Golden Comets are Jasmine, Esmerelda, Anna, Elsa, and Belle.

The Welsummers are Flora, Fauna, Merrywether, Wendy, and Tink.

And of course, the Buff Orpingtons are Ethel, Ethel, Ethel, and Ethel. The fifth Orpington was asked to leave when we discovered she was Hank. He now lives with my friends at Sweet Harvest Homestead.

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