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Raindrops on buttercups

I have become one of those people who are excited beyond measure when Friday rolls around. I like my job, but I love my life outside of my job.

This afternoon after work, I tackled the buttercups. For many years, I sprayed them so my horses could graze on the remaining grass without getting an assortment of horse ailments from eating weird stuff. But now, I try not to poison the earth, so I figure if I mow them down it will control them. It doesn't, but I feel better. In the middle of mowing, a sudden squall passed over, so I zipped into our little pasture shed and waited it out. We have a couple of these sheds, built 30 years ago or so from cedar logs. I love them.

Pastures look nice and tidy, and the buttercups and clover are gone for now, so the horses can graze.

And, I know I swore I was done with the fruit trees, but I figured I should get a picture of the apples before the pests discover they are here.

And just one more picture because I love living here so much and sometimes I am breathless with how beautiful it is.

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