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Ansel-versary - In Support of Older Dogs

Today is our first Ansel-versary - that is, a year since we welcomed Ansel to our home. Ansel had been rescued from Animal Control as a puppy, but while the rest of his litter were adopted, he was not. And so he grew up in a shelter, spending the better part of 5 years in a pen. I saw his picture, among hundreds of others, and knew immediately I was his person.

The rescue seemed hesitant - he was, after all, 5 years old, and had a few quirks. And he is not a traditionally handsome dog. And, I already had three rescues. I insisted, and they brought him to the house on a Sunday. He bounded out of the car, and right into our lives like he had always been here. I can't even believe it has only been a year.

All of our five dogs were rescues, two came as puppies, three as adults. And while puppies are cute and adorable, and I love ours to pieces, there is something about having these older dogs come into your life. Yes, they do tend to have some issues, but then again, so do I !!

I am not exactly sure how, or why, Ansel has captured a bit of my soul, but he is there. He never voluntarily leaves my side. He does not want to be cuddled, but will lean on my leg for hours to be petted and stroked. At the risk of exposing my crystal loving mystic side, he is one of those whom I believe has been with me in life after life (Jostein is another one). It is just so constantly have him with me again.

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