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Ahhhhh - that feels better

Sunday was shearing day at the Double Up!! Romney sheep produce incredibly thick fleeces, so by the end of April, they are ready to lighten up. Much to my dismay, a good bit of their bulk turned out to be fat - a LOT of fat. My sheep are obese, and I am going to have to start locking them up to keep them from grazing so much.

Anyway, shearing is an art. I have done it, once, to prove that I can and now I am happy to pay for shearers to come in. My "regular" shearer is on the other side of 70, so I have been looking for someone younger, and this year we worked with Southern Grit Shearing. I would classify them as Alpaca shearers who do sheep too, and they did a good job for us.

Arrived at 12:30. By 1:20 we were done and having lunch. My sheep are much happier, I am wallowing in fleeces, and all is well with my sheep world (well, except for the fatness thing).

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