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Chick Life

I just adore chickens - fussing about with them, building little things for them, insisting they cuddle even though they hate it. The babies arrived on March 19, and spent 3 weeks growing up in an extra large dog crate in my basement. Then they moved to a section of the chicken coop, segregated in a pen with heat lamps for a week. Then the pen was enlarged to half the hen house.

Now I put up an outside playroom for them during the day and the heat lamps are gone - just like big chicks! Once they are big enough to avoid certain death from my cats, they will be let loose.

All 19 are still alive and well, but it does appear that one of my baby hens is shaping up to be a rooster. We'll know for sure in a couple of weeks.

On a related side note - I do not know how I ever managed livestock without these 4-foot exercise pens. Love them and have 100 uses for them!

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