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Missing the point - Redux?

I know the idea was that I would go to the Farmer's Market to sell the burgeoning stash of crafts I am producing. But I gotta be honest - what I am loving are the vendors!! Also, I may be spending more money than I am making. Now, this is money I would have spent anyway on stuff I need (want, must have). So in reality, I am saving the gas money for making extra trips. Today's haul:

A pasture raised pig (well, the butchered results from one)

Adorable baby sandals for my friend Hamsika (who is expecting)

A pound cake

A sweet potato pie

Coleus plants for my mailbox planter

A bunch of delightful new friends

Elderberry jelly (thanks to a bargain with the jelly lady in which I give her elderberry juice and it comes back to me as jelly - SCORE!!!)

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