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To market, To market

With my perpetual activity overload, I end up with a lot of stuff that I make. So I am always looking for an outlet to share it with others (because it turns out if I give my daughters and friends one more bar of soap they are going to shoot me).

I tried a little consignment booth, which did not work out. And I have the online store, but that is not very much fun. So today, I went to the Monroe Farmer's Market.

It is, not surprisingly, the Winter Market, which is quite small - a good way to ease into the whole deal. It was colder than I expected, but the people there are just wonderful, and I can honestly say I loved everyone I met. Also, they sell all the stuff I buy, so even if I never sell a thing myself, at least I have saved myself a trip to the store!! Get me started on family raised pork sometime.....

Anyway, if you are cruising around on a Saturday morning, come and see me!!!

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