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In the spring, a young man's fancy turns to...

If you are a young rooster, your fancy turns to fighting.

I have a love / hate relationship with roosters. Mostly hate. After an unfortunate show-down with my last rooster, Fred (in which Fred got the worst of the deal), I vowed no more roosters.

But when a neighbor asked if I could take in a rescue hen, I could not say no. The family didn't want her anymore because she was not laying eggs. After getting the "hen" I let them know the reason she was not laying eggs was because she was a rooster.

Lucy (I mean, I had already named her before we found out she was a he), is a meat bird, and it has been quite an experience for this egg-layer hen keeper to get to know what friends call "creepy meats", because, they are pretty creepy. Bred for massive breasts and little movement, Lucy is so heavy she has a hard time walking. But he has been quite docile, is very attentive to the hens without being overly-amorous, and I thought this might work out.

But, Lucy is right around a year old now, it is spring, and the hormones are kicking into overtime. Last weekend he spent 10 minutes attacking a muck bucket and trying to kill it. Then he went after one of the guys who helps me work on the farm. So....I have taken to being more alert around him, and carrying a big stick. His number is not up yet, but we may be entering the count down.

Lucy lets everyone know the rooster is on the job!

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