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Pasta me this

I am a reasonably good cook, but have never tackled fresh pasta.

(a) it seems really hard and a lot of work;

(b) I do not have a pasta machine; and

(c) I like the pasta I buy at the store.

For reasons that are not really clear, I decided today to make my own pasta.

Zowie Batman - have I ever missed the boat on this one!

First of all, it was super easy, like, 10 minutes easy using stuff I have in the cabinet all the time. It is basically flour, water, and an egg.

Second, I did not need a machine at all and cut perfectly great pasta using the rolling pin and my pizza cutter.

Third, it is hard to describe how much more delicious it is than store-bought dried pasta. And the ability to add other stuff to it is nice. Tonight since it was the first time, I just made enough for one meal (well, it was a Kate sized meal portion), and just used the basic ingredients. But I see a whole lot more pasta in my future!

Do you like my creative use of my yarn stand as a pasta drying rack? Waste not, want not!

Served with just butter and a bit of parmesan cheese.

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