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Over the river and through the woods

I get to see my youngest daughter a good bit, because we work together and she lives two doors down. My older daughter, not so much - she lives an hour away and is working like 20 jobs.

I am not sure which one considers herself the lucky one, but this morning, we are zipping out to bring Mo lunch between jobs.

Both girls are "humanely raised" eaters, so I have fried up some happy bacon to make BLT's, made a batch of humanely raised mayonnaise (you know, using our eggs - from happy chickens?!) and baked up a vegan carrot cake.

Dave is not a fan of BLT's, so I have added in a ham steak for him.

We will finish up morning chores, pack up the lettuce and tomatoes, and off we will trundle to spend a few wonderful hours with our girls!

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