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Wedded Bliss

My daughters will be the first to tell you that I may be a bit overly focused on weddings these days. Those of you who hang around me, know that yes…yes…I did actually buy my daughter a wedding dress (she was not actually dating anyone at the time, but why wait until the last minute). The girls, however, have this crazy idea that they are going to do things in their own time, leaving me high and dry. So last weekend, a friend mentioned to my husband that he was getting married in a week. I heard him from the other side of the property, over some farm equipment, like some kind of super-power hearing for the "W" word!! They were just going to go down to the courthouse and do the deed, so I suggested they might want to have the wedding on the farm. One thing led to another, and in the space of week we put together a wedding. My friend has spent a goodly amount of time over the last 8 years helping us on the farm, so I feel like he has a vested interest in the place. On Friday, I had the honor of performing their wedding ceremony and hosting the reception. It was everything a wedding should be (from where I sit). The guests were all people who genuinely love the bride and groom. Everybody wore jeans and was comfortable - boots and no high heels! We had barbecue, and cupcakes, and country music, and a bonfire. The kids played with the dogs and the horses, I ate too many cupcakes, and went to bed a happy woman.

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