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Oh the drama of it all

I have met the most wonderful people volunteering for our local dog rescue. Funny, caring, heart-warming people I am proud to have had the chance to meet. I am sorry to say it is being over-shadowed by the people who believe animals are disposable, and can be discarded like a tee shirt that doesn't fit any more. We try so hard to make sure people understand, we screen people, and get references, and talk to them for hours. And they make promises, they understand it is a lifetime commitment. And they take these dogs and convince them they have homes, and then they just....don't want them any more. I must live in a slightly different dimension than most of the world. You know, the one where you take responsibility for your decisions, and understand that animals have lives that matter - they should not be thrown away when you get bored with them or find something else to do. Ugh - I am so angry and disgusted at the world.

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