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Making It Harder Than It Has To Be

Of course, I think my way is the right way. But it does make for a lot of extra work.

Most of the people I know who keep sheep, keep them in barns. And those barns are filled with straw as bedding. And after about 24 hours, they start to reek. Sheep pee and poop, a LOT. And as the straw gets fouled, they put more straw on top, and once, sometimes twice a year, they clean it out.

I can't do it. Maybe because I spend so much time rolling around with them (the sheep, the horses, the chickens), I found out first hand just how bad it smells when the ammonia starts to build. So, I opted to not put bedding into my stalls and use mats for comfort. The upside of this is that there is never any accumulated smell. The downside? I have to clean - routinely.

My animals all live mostly outside, so normally it is only a weekly chore. But after sheep shearing, my woolies have lost their warm coats, and if the weather is wet or cold, they will stay inside. This year, it has been wet AND cold, so I have had to clean the sheep sheds daily. It is really gross, and really hard work, and makes me wonder why I do it. Then I remember....

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