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See what people are saying about Double Up Farm products!

The guys at Two Men and a Little Farm are just great!!  Click on the link to see what they had to say about our wool dryer balls.
 Thanks so much !!! I can't wait to use them!!! Super fast delivery!!! PS> Thanks for the soap, it smells wonderful.
Couldn't be happier with the twin comforter I ordered for my daughter! Beautiful craftsmanship!
So excited, I received the dryer balls tonight. I will have to rewash my towels tomorrow so I can use these. Nice packaging, fun "little extra' gift, speedy delivery. Thank you much!
​Shipped quickly! Nicely packaged!:thank u
​Delightfully scented and quality made right on the farm. How wonderful. And the little handmade bag these come in is just a treat - Thanks so much for the great service, fast delivery (and those little extra touches are better than we imagined).
These work beautifully! I'm very, very happy with the results.
 Opening the box was sensory overload, they smell wonderful!  The bars are made using essential oils for fragrance.  American Honey was my favorite.  2nd Man loved the Rosemary.  Since they are handmade and of course hand cut, it gives them a nice, rustic appearance.  They look great sitting on the edge of the sink at the farm AND in town at the apartment. As for using them (we were sent some loofah sponges as well, grown on their farm), they lather up with a nice and rich lather.  We like it when soap has a nice lather.  It's probably the shea butter but we swear it's making our hands softer.  Each bar is made with natural ingredients and does not use animal products. As there are no preservatives, you must use within six months.  I'm certain that ours won't last long enough to worry about that!  --Two Men and a Little Farm--
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