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It all started with a little gray pony

Well, not really a pony!  Jostein is a Norwegian Fjord Horse, and the love of my life.

Little Beauty joined the herd

when Della Ree got a job as a therapeutic riding horse

The next time I looked, we had 3 !!

Jostein, Johanna, and Della Ree - We do a little of everything with our equine team - riding, driving, playing games. But mostly, we just love them.

And then there were hens

Our flock of Romney sheep

- wool only - no lamb chops allowed!!

Did I mention the dogs?

Pepper, Ollie, Zoe, Ansel, and the Wolf

There is always a lot of gardening going on!

Turkeys!!  We have a flock of wild turkeys living with us - they are amazing!!

The Farm Princess and her minions

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