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Wild + Free - Matthews

     The Farm Campus


About the time the world shifted, a small group of homeschooling parents in Matthews opened a chapter of the Wild and Free program to provide support and community to, and for, each other.


At the same time, Double Up Farm found we were more and more in demand to provide an outdoors based opportunity for homeschooled children, blending fun and learning into a seamless experience.   

After 2020, when it became apparent we were forging a new way of life, we teamed up to provide an ongoing presence, and The Farm Campus became a reality.

What We Do


We've always been a working farm, and welcomed children to learn about real life with animals, managing a garden, working the orchards, and building a sustainable lifestyle.  We keep chickens and turkeys, sheep, horses, dogs, and cats.  We grow elderberries and hibiscus, and a frequently shifting group of herbs, plants, fruits and vegetables.  Our goal is to grow what nature provides, without having to do a lot of tweaking.

Our Partnership with Wild + Free


Activities are planned  by Wild + Free, and details can be found on their 

Facebook page.  Please note:

  • Most Farm activities include a healthy snack.  No, there is not a menu, it depends on what's in season and available.  Wherever possible, bread products are gluten free.

  • All Farm activities involve getting dirty, and you should dress accordingly. 

  • There is a small charge for some activities; payment is due at the time of booking.

  • Activities, like life on the Farm, go on regardless of rain or shine

  • We are a working farm - there is lots of animal hair, we grow peanuts and hazelnuts, there is always pollen.  Please be responsible for managing your own allergies / sensitivities.    


  • February 21 - Farm Tour

  • February 22 - Farm Tour

  • February 23 - Farm Tour

  • February 25 - Farm Tour


  • March 3 - Farm Tour